How I became a Business Law Student

I have to be honest, achieving an ATAR of 98.05 was not something I ever expected. I had always wanted to get into Business & Law, however, was well aware that cut offs generally sat around the 97 mark, depending on which university you applied for. Before you read further, you should know that I was not necessarily the most naturally gifted student and I did not go to a top-ranking school. My mark was achieved through effective studying and consistent application throughout the year, which allowed me to stay on top of things.

1. Teach to learn

This may seem fairly counter-intuitive at first glance, but let me explain this concept, as I found it to be extremely effective in helping me understand concepts and retain this knowledge. I will use English as an example as this method is particularly useful for this subject. English requires you to understand your prescribed texts and how they relate to the rubric. Discussing your interpretations of the text and its connection to the rubric will really help you in a number of ways:

  • Encourages you to think about the meaning on a deeper level
  • As you do this, it will ignite other ideas and build your understanding further
  • Extremely powerful way of retaining knowledge, as opposed to trying to rote learn essays and regurgitate them on the day of the exam.

Ideally, you would teach someone who has knowledge of the topic, so they can bounce back and give you their informed opinion. However, it could be your family or anyone willing to listen, it will provide great benefit regardless.

2. Importance of being able to deal with stress

The HSC was no doubt a stressful year for me, as I am sure it will be for you. Don’t look at this as a bad thing, stress is a natural feeling and is something that you will encounter throughout many different stages of your life. I believe that for the majority, the HSC will be the most challenging period in their schooling life, with many seeing it as the ticket into University. Being able to manage stresses and challenges is a fundamental skill that will undoubtedly serve you well right the way throughout life. So take on this year and really use it as a learning experience to understanding yourself and what works best for you during challenging times. Remember, the HSC should never be looked at as something that will define your entire career. It is just one of the many different ways into whatever it may be that you wish to do.

3. My experience with HSC Study Buddy

I mentioned that my ATAR was achieved through effective studying. I believe that in order to study effectively, you need to have the right resources. HSC Study Buddy was a great bank of information for me and I used my membership quite often throughout the year to try and stay ahead. Being able to refer to resources was a big help as I was able to see things from many different perspectives and begin building or adding to my own ideas. I definitely feel that this gave me greater insight and helped me deliver more well-rounded responses.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best!