How I achieved a 99+ ATAR

I am not about to profess that the HSC is easy and in a few simple steps anyone can achieve a top mark too. However, I do believe that the foundation for success in the HSC is having the right approach to studying and combining this with consistent effort throughout the year. Before I get started, I want to state that whilst the ATAR is a way you can fast-track into your future studies, it is important to keep in mind that there are plenty of ways around this if you don’t achieve the required ATAR.

Now, let me begin. The first thing I did was set myself a goal. From here, I began shaping my efforts and time into attaining it. Having a clear objective in mind, I better understood what I needed to put in and was able to stay motivated throughout the year.

In terms of the workload and what I actually did however, it was more-or-less fairly simple. I kept up to date with my notes, I did constant revision style questions to ensure I retained and understood the content, and I attempted many past papers to familiarise myself with the question styles and understand what the markers were looking for. These three simple tasks, combined with the generosity of my teachers in marking and providing feedback allowed me to achieve the ATAR I did.

How I used the HSC Study Buddy resources

After briefly discussing the three main steps I took for each subject, I must acknowledge the usefulness of HSC Study Buddy resources in aiding my notes as well as my overall understanding of the content. Personally, I used the notes as a reference throughout the year, to ensure my notes were similar and that I was covering the right content.

The video tutorials, combined with the notes perfectly complimented the three main tasks I described earlier as it not only presented the information in an interactive manner, but also allowed me to understand how to apply such information in a question-style response. This played a big part in helping me achieve my ATAR.

One Piece of advice for Exams and the HSC

Whilst it is extremely important to keep on top of your studies, working consistently as opposed to cramming copious amounts of information in the last minute, I believe that the most significant aspect of HSC success is finding the right support network. I found this in my friends, family and HSC Study Buddy. This is because the HSC is more than just rote-learning and regurgitating information, it is a process of learning and application to an exam situation.

Keeping your friends and teachers close is extremely important, primarily for support through a stressful year, but also because by working together, you will be able to share various tips and tricks that may produce an extra few marks here and there. If it wasn’t for my close friends whom I studied and exchanged ideas with, as well as my teachers that spent a great deal of time in answering my queries and helping me understand exactly what to write, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the ATAR I did.

What my ATAR has meant for me

As I mentioned above, the primary purpose of the ATAR is to fast-track your way into your desired course at University. It is important to put things into perspective though and remember that there are many paths into your future studies whatever they may be. It is tough to think this way but it will help keep the stress levels down during the year.

Truth be told, having got into my desired course, I don’t think about my ATAR unless my mates and I are reminiscing about our HSC year, or if I’m helping a student with their own preparations. In saying this however, I must acknowledge that the HSC year, more so than the ATAR itself, has helped me form life-long study ethics that aid in my own university commitments. In addition to this, it has served as a learning experience, allowing me to understand my own capabilities, which has helped me go about maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I would recommend HSC Study Buddy resources to those looking to improve their marks in order to get the required ATAR for the course you wish to study at University.