Thomas Grainger

ATAR: 99.95
Ranked first in the state for Business Studies and Ancient History and third for SOR

One piece of advice for Business Studies: Get to know the syllabus! Something that a lot of students neglect is familiarising yourself with the actual terminology used in the document, as this is what markers will expect to see in the exam. For example, under marketing, the syllabus mentions terms such as, opinion leaders, channel choice and e-marketing. Use these in the exam - a small tip with big benefits.

Lauren Madigan

ATAR: 99.65
Ranked first in the state for Mathematics (2 Unit)

One piece of advice for Mathematics: I encourage you to sit as many practice questions as possible. As you get closer to the exam, sit them under timed conditions as well. Mark them, recognise your weaknesses and work to improve them. I found this very useful & that’s why my videos look at example HSC questions and step by step solutions.

Madison Lawler

ATAR: 99.45
Ranked seventh in the state for Business Studies

One piece of advice for Legal Studies: What I like about Legal Studies is that it is very black & white. If you know your case law and legislation, including dates, you are well on your way to achieving great marks. My notes look at these in depth and in an organised manner.

Samuel Wood

ATAR: 99.75
Ranked nineteenth in the state for Chemistry

One piece of HSC advice: Success in Sciences, both in the HSC and any future studies, is made easier by understanding principles on the deepest level. To do that, you have to ask why? Doing this will help you fully understand the content, rather than relying on memory recall, which can fail you in the exam room.

Daniel Sokol

ATAR: 99.85
Ranked tenth in the state for Business Studies

One piece of advice for Economics: Economics is a lot to do with cause and effect relationships. If interest rates rise, what happens to inflation? Truly focus on understanding the why, i.e. why would an interest rate rise decrease inflation. Once you grasp the logic behind these relationships, you will deliver it come exam time no worries!

Hayden Smith

ATAR: 99.90
Ranked first in the state for Studies of Religion

One piece of advice for SOR: SOR was quite a challenging subject as it is content heavy. Collating a wide range of sources that explored different religious views and interpretations not only bolstered my references but also broadened my personal understanding of various religious people, practices and beliefs, which gave my answers more depth.

Nicholas Needs

ATAR: 97.55

One piece of HSC advice: Try teach others, particularly after your trial exams as your cohort can influence your HSC mark. Many studies have found that when you teach others, you are far more likely to retain the knowledge. So, teach your parents, friends and anyone willing to listen.

Ann Ngo

ATAR: 98.75

One piece of advice for Ancient History: The key focus of the subject is how artefacts and events are interpreted by historians and students. Therefore, to ensure that your essay shines, do not just rote learn your textbook. When studying, take some time to reflect on what it is that you are learning and QUESTION it, and put these thoughts into your essays - question the reliability of certain artefacts, question whether you agree with a historian's interpretation. This does not mean you have to have a thesis written on it, but ensure you have substantial reasoning for questioning it.

Kyle Alderman

ATAR: 95.75

One piece of advice for Chemistry: Consistent revision is the key to success. You will be required to use memory recall for this subject, so looking over a set of syllabus summary notes on a regular basis and condensing them each time will greatly benefit you. Try using acronyms and other memory techniques to help you out. This is particularly important for key phrases and equations.

Ian Fagan

ATAR: 96.05

One piece of HSC advice: If you have a sound understanding of the content covered in the syllabus you will do well. If you are able to apply this knowledge in a way that pleases the markers, you will do great.


ATAR: 99.35

Keely is a therapist at a university psychology and counselling clinic, and is currently completing a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology. Her research focuses on the treatment of complex personality disorders, using interpersonal therapies. Keely has previously worked at Lifeline, and as a crisis support worker at Arafmi, Qld; an organisation which provides support to carers of people with mental illness. She has experience working with young people and families, having acted as a supervisor and crisis supporter at a youth mental health, peer support service. Keely has an interest in mindfulness, psychodynamic, and interpersonal therapies.

Julian Fagan

ATAR: 95.75

One piece of HSC advice: Time management in exams is crucial. Too many students go into more detail than necessary on short answers and leave themselves not enough time to answer the extended response questions. So make sure you look at the marking criteria in order to understand what is required from you. This will make a big difference in the exam room.