Our team has a wealth of experience both as students and as educators. It is through this experience that we have developed a simple 3 step approach that we strongly believe is the best way to succeed in the HSC.

Our resources have been carefully thought out to allow you to fulfill each step and ensure you achieve your goal ATAR.

1Get to know your syllabus

It’s surprising how many students underestimate the importance of unpacking and understanding the syllabus in its entirety. Our notes provide insight into how the top ranking students approached the same syllabus that you face today. This is achieved through detailed syllabus summaries, model essays, case studies, text analysis’ and more. Gaining different perspectives on the same syllabus requirements will help you build upon your own ideas and understand the subject on a more profound level.

2Develop fundamental HSC skills

Understanding the syllabus and being able to apply this in a way that pleases markers are two very different things. Our video tutorials develop the fundamental HSC skills like essay writing, source analysis, comprehension responses, which are necessary for achieving top marks. It is this that can often serve to be the difference between a band 4 and a band 6 student. Just knowing the syllabus is not enough, you have to be able to apply this knowledge come assessment time.

3Get exam ready

As you approach major exam blocks throughout the year, you should become more question focused with your study. It is important to not only familiarise yourself with HSC style questions but also understand how to answer these in a way that satisfies the markers. We place great emphasis on being exam-ready, particularly for Trial and HSC finals as these will have the greatest impact on your ATAR. Our video tutorials walk you through past HSC and trial exams, looking at some of the common and trickier questions that you might face. Our tutors look at step by step solutions to these and provide additional assistance, such as, how you should approach the different sections, time management and more.