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What others are saying

Alan Do


With the help from you guys, I managed to secure a solid ATAR (91.45). With this mark I was able to study pharmacy at USYD.

Timothy Kelleher


HSC Study Buddy is more than just a repository of great information. It's a site targeted at assisting students of all abilities across the full breadth of HSC subjects.

Gail Cannan


As a parent, I was impressed by the ongoing support provided by HSC Study Buddy, both for myself and my daughter.

How does it work?

HSC Success Pack

  • Choose a package and complete the registration form
  • Add up to 8 subjects to Your Library, which is on the homepage of the dashboard
  • You can then access our Notes, Video Tutorials and Practice Questions for these subjects anytime and anywhere

Free Package

  • Complete the registration form
  • Browse our resources
  • You can add individual Study Notes to your library or upgrade for full access to all resources
  • If you wish to view Video Tutorials and Practice Questions then you will have to upgrade to the HSC Success Pack


What advice do you have for parents supporting their child through the HSC

We love that you are getting involved in your child’s education, studies have indicated that this will have a positive impact for your son or daughter. To help you, we built a parents section, which has all the info you need on how best to support your child. You will get advice from a child psychologist and our team of tutors who were just recently facing the same challenges and stresses that your child is currently going through. Check it out here.

How can I sign my child up to an all access package?

If you are looking to sign your child up to all an access package, then you simply need to fill out the form, notify your child that you have created an account and then they can login in using the details you provided. From here, your child will have access to our wide-range of resources. If you have any troubles or questions, feel free to contact us and we will get to you as soon as possible.

What if I don’t know what subjects my child is studying?

If you are looking to sign your child up but are unsure on their subjects, you need not worry and you won’t be required to fill out what subjects they are doing. Instead, you can simply sign up and then they will be able to add subjects to their personal Library as they please. They can then access these anytime, anywhere.

How do I know these resources will benefit my child?

If you sign your child up for the HSC Success Pack, you will be billed $50 once off. This is not a recurring fee. All payments are secure, for more info, see the Billing & Payments section. =

How do payments work?

If you sign your child up for one of our all access packages, you will be billed upfront. The average hourly rate for HSC tutoring is $40. To put this in perspective, one hour of tutoring for one subject is equal to almost 2 months access, which gives your child 24/7 access to our resources for up to 8 different subjects. All payments are secure, for more info, see the Billing & Payments section.

Billing & Payments

Is my payment secure?

Your security is a big priority for us and that’s why we chose Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary, as our payment gateway, which gives you the option to use your credit card or your PayPal account. All our pages are SSL encrypted to ensure all sensitive information, such as login credentials and credit card details are transmitted securely. You can rest easy knowing your payment details are secure.

How am I billed if I sign up for the HSC Success Pack?

You will be billed the entire amount upfront.

What happens if I cancel my account?

If you are on the free package, you can cancel your account by contacting us and it and will be removed from our database. If you are on an all access package and wish to cancel, please contact us.

Can I get a refund?

Check out our refund policy. In short, we do offer refunds, only if you can prove that our resources have misguided you and have directly resulted in your marks decreasing.


How does the ‘Free’ package work?

It is free to sign up and allows you to preview and buy individual HSC Notes. Prices of notes are based on quantity & quality of content. Whilst all our notes have been quality checked, some provide more detail than others and therefore, to ensure fairness, we adjust prices accordingly.

Do you offer samples?

We provide a 10% preview of our study notes and all include a Table of Contents so you can assess both the quality and the content in order to determine if you feel it is of benefit to you.

In the ‘Free’ package, what do I get when I purchase ‘Individual Study Notes’?

You get access to the single PDF document you purchased.

Can I purchase video tutorials and practice questions individually?

Unfortunately not, in order to view this content you will need need to be on the HSC Success Pack.

How long do I get access to notes for if I buy in the ‘Free’ package?

You will get access for 1 year.

Are there any restrictions on using/printing the notes?

Our notes can be printed for your convenience. However, they are not to be shared as this will infringe upon the copyright of the notes. For more information on copyright laws, check out austlii.

How do I know these resources are accurate?

Our team is made up of recent successful graduates turned tutors and resources are quality checked by experienced teachers before being uploaded. Many of our team achieved State Rankings for their respective subjects and overall ATAR scores of 99+. If you do believe there are any inaccuracies, then please contact us and we will respond as soon as we can.

How many subjects do you offer?

We have worked extremely hard to cover as many subjects as possible, whilst maintaining a high level of quality in the resources. We are constantly updating content to stay relevant to changing syllabus’ and therefore, you are best off checking our subjects page to see what we cover.


Can I upgrade my account if I choose the ‘Free’ package first?

You can upgrade your account at any time. Simply login into your free account, click your account name in the top right-hand corner, a drop down menu will appear, which includes a button to ‘upgrade account’. Follow the prompts and you will have on the HSC Success Package in no time. Please contact us if you are having any issues with this.

I didn’t receive my validation email?

Emails will have different security measures and filters. Unfortunately, this means our emails may end up in your spam or junk inbox. Be sure to check each folder, including promotions and social for those using Gmail. If you’re still having no luck, contact us and we will sort things out ASAP.

How do I unlock subjects for my library when on an All Access Package?

  1. Click the Subjects tab
  2. Find and click on the subject you wish to add, i.e English Advanced
  3. Click add subject to your library button at the top of the page and follow the prompts

Can I access resources on my mobile?

To ensure you get the most out of our resources, we have optimised all content for all devices. This means you can you can study on any internet enabled device. So whether you are on the train ride home or in the comfort of your own home, you can jump on and start learning.

How many subjects can I access?

If you are on the ‘Free’ package, you can purchase notes for as many subjects as you like. However, our HSC Success Pack is restricted to 8 subjects. We put this in place to make sure you keep an organised library and can search through content easily. It also helps us keep account sharing down.


Do you offer class packages?

We do offer bulk packages and are flexible in our approach. If you feel our resources could benefit your students, contact us to discuss further. We handle each case separately.

Do you run talks for schools?

We have run a number of talks across different schools. If you are interested in having some of our tutors come in and speak to your students, whether it be for exam preparation, information on ATAR scaling or any other HSC related matter, then contact us. As with our class packages, we will handle each case separately. Availability of our tutors and confidence on the topic are the two main factors. We will never offer to talk on a topic that we do not feel super confident on and we are very keen to work with you, not against you.