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HSC Study Buddy contains a range of copyrighted material available for you to purchase. Previous and current HSC students own a portion of this material and ‘HSC Study Buddy’ owns the other portion. Therefore, individuals who have paid the required fee are the only people who can view the material available. Paid resources may not be shared amongst those who have not paid the full amount. Sharing the notes in any form is a criminal act, as it is an infringement of copyright laws. An infringement fee of $500 can apply for any individual who commits an act of this nature and your account will be terminated immediately. This will be monitored. Additionally, this will only disadvantage you in the end as you are competing for rank in the HSC. It must also be understood that copying of the material provided by this site is not allowed. If students choose to do so, they may be subject to plagiarism. The material is there to guide, teach and assist your learning by showcasing other successful individual’s work.

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Our notes can be accessed via three alternative packages. Individual Subject and/or individual Note purchases via the ‘Free’ signup package will remain available in ‘Your Library’ for a year long period. The alternative six month and one year packages will allow you access to your selected subjects via ‘Your Library’ for the specified time period for each package. Refunds will only be accepted if you can convincingly prove that our resources were of no use to you, misguided you and/or negatively impacted upon your HSC score. If you wish to cancel your account then send us an email at [email protected].

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Our resources include a wide range of HSC notes from recently graduated students who scored a band 6, some even with a state ranking. Samples are provided, all samples include contents pages so you can assess the quality/content of the resources before purchasing.

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